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Feeling sluggish and unbalanced in life? Ready for some new beginnings? Seeking some dynamic in your love life, health or spirituality?

Have you heard of crystal healing? Crystals are more than pretty gems to look at. They are a physical form of earth’s energy. They have the ability to affect your mood and manifestations. Crystals are powerful. Every crystal serves a different purpose, so below we have a list of five crystals great for beginners

1. Clear Quartz 

The Master Healer

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Clear quartz is a powerful stone to use for manifestation. It resonates with the 7th chakra (the crown), located at the top of the head and connects us to universe. Use clear quartz to clear the mind of negativity, allowing you to connect to your intuition and manifest specific outcomes. As the master healer, pair a clear quartz with another healing crystal of your choice to amplify its vibrations and potential. 


2. Jade 

For Good Luck 

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The jade gem isn't green for no reason! This beautiful crystal holds power of good luck and prosperity. It's vibrant green color represents growth and vitality. It's perfect to wear and keep around if you're in need of a new job or seeking a promotion. Jade is aligned with our third chakra, the solar plexus which opens you to prosperity and abundance. 


3. Hematite 

Keeps You Grounded
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Hematite is a great crystal to keep around for when you're feeling unbalanced, anxious or overwhelmed. This crystal has intense, yet subtle vibrations that will have you feeling more calm and connected in day-to-day activites. Hematite activates the root chakra, which keeps us "down to earth".  By absorbing toxic emotions like stress and anxiety, hematite promotes emotional stability and mental health.   


4. Rose Quartz

Love Yourself and Others

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This beautiful pink crystal is nonetheless the activator of the heart chakra. By keeping a rose quartz crystal you're opening yourself up to self-love, peace, forgiveness and confidence. Aside from self-love, rose quartz promotes compassion for others and will attract new intimate lovers. Great to carry when experiencing the loss of a loved one or suffering from emotional trauma because it will allow you to by release anger and resentment. 



5. Carnelian

Courage to Act

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Feeling trapped in the same routine? Add some spice to your life with this beautiful crystal that's not only vibrant in color but vibrant in energy as well. Carnelian is the gemstone to carry when you're looking for new beginnings and need that extra boost of courage to just go for it. Carnelian will eliminate fear from your mind and encourage you to push boundaries. 


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