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How XANDRE Skincare Started

XANDRE (zan·dray)

What does the Global Water Crisis and the Beauty Industry have in common? Well, most would think the two are unrelated but in reality, the beauty industry is extremely wasteful when it comes to clean water consumption. For the sake of our planet and the people, it's time to change the old way of beauty. At XANDRE, we have creatively crafted skincare focusing on sustainability and being 100% waterless.

Founded in 2017, we have worked endlessly with chemists to create our waterless collection of targeted treatment products. We believe skincare is supposed to nourish the skin, not strip the skin, so each ingredient works as an "active" to either increase hydration, nutrients, exfoliate or moisturize.

By combining the oldest herbal remedies with the newest trends in beauty, our science-backed formulas work to give you healthy and radiant skin.

We are dedicated to providing skincare that serves a purpose. 

Aside from skincare, we have created the Xandre Lifestyle to inspire a community of healthy and sustainable-living human beings. From beauty, physical health, mental health, home and lifestyle, you should be knowledgeable of the pros and cons of everything you put on, in and around your body. We want you to be confident in the ambiance you create for yourself.

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