About Xandre

Live Freely, Glow Effortlessly

Xandre Skincare is an organic skincare brand designed to revitalize your skin, naturally with no harsh chemicals added. Combining the oldest herbal remedies with the newest trends in beauty, we've designed a collection considered "superfood for your face". 

Years of research and testing has allowed us to create formulas that are 100% plant based and use ingredients that are locally sourced. Every ingredient has a specific purpose in a product, whether its to increase hydration, exfoliate dead skin, moisturize, etc. None of our products have artificial colors or scents.

Our goal is to allow vitamins and minerals from plants and herbs to treat your skin from the outside in. Each of our products are carefully and specially hand-made in small batches to increase freshness and effectiveness.

Aside from skincare, we have created the Xandre Lifestyle to inspire a community of healthy and sustainable-living human beings. From beauty, physical health, mental health, home and lifestyle, you should be knowledgeable of the pros and cons of everything you put on, in and around your body. We want you to be confident in the ambiance you create for yourself.

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