Sea Buckthorn Mist & Toner

Sea Buckthorn Mist & Toner

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Sea Buckthorn Mist: Sea buckthorn is an amazing plant that has 190 bioactive nutrients to helps with acne, discoloration, eczema and many other skin issues. Xandre Skincare Sea Buckthorn Mist and Toner combimes sea buckthorn, aloe and witch hazel nourish the skin and treat many skin issues at once. Clarify your skin with our perfect pick-me up. 

Cucumber Mist: Its no secret that cucumber leaves you refreshed with a hydrated glow. Xandre Skincare Cucumber Mist & Toner combines cucumber, aloe and glycerin to calm irritated skin and hydrate dry skin. Quench your skin with our perfect hydrating mist to spritz anytime.

Rosewater Mist: Xandre Skincare Rosewater Mist & Toner is formulated with locally grown & pesticide free distilled roses. Rosewater is great to gently clean pores of dirt and residue, is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, hydrate and brighten skin. Quench your skin with our perfect pick me up. 

 All toners are oil and alcohol free. All toners are pH balancing. 


How to Use

Can be used as a pH balancing toner and hydrating mist before and after makeup, or when skin needs a pick-me-up. Recommended for daily use. 

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Cucumber Toner: Pressed Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera Juice, Preservative

Rosewater Toner: Distilled Rosewater, Glycerin, Preservative

Sea Buckthorn Toner: Aloe Vera Juice, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Witch Hazel, Preservative